Bilis rangup goreng tanpa minyak / Oil-less Crispy Anchovies

You order > We get fresh fish > We cook > We Send > You enjoy.

  • It’s crispy, it smells good, it taste even better
  • Eat it as snack
  • Add it into your pan mee
  • Resealable packing
  • Non-preservatives
  • Local product, original finest flavor
  • Fried with ikan bilis Pekpak
You will receive parcel in 2-5 Working days


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Shipping by Pos Laju (close on Friday & Saturday)
  • Consume lesser oil daily, live a healthy life while getting a rich protein and calcium diet.
  • Too lazy to make crispy anchovies by yourself? let us do it for you, just choose your anchovies type and quantity, we will make it with fresh anchovies and send it to your dining table.

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1000g, 200g, 500g

Anchovies type

Bilis Hitam / 黑绕 Ou Jiao, Bilis Mata Biru / Whitebait / 银鱼仔, Bilis Pek Pak / 白北, Bilis Putih / Goldline / 金线