About Us

Our main business is supplying anchovies from our finest factory and 4 vessels to the Malaysia daily consuming anchovies market.

We know the importance of supplying our customers the right quality to the right price at the right time. We have a close relationship with some of Malaysia anchovies distributor and logistic companies and together we offer a fast logistic solution in order to supply our products to the market with a minimum of delay and hassle for you as our customer.

Our core values are clean, safety, high quality & sustainability. We have a strict focus on quality of the products we offer, we believe anchovies deserve to be treated with high quality and respect.

Why Choose Us

Eat Healthier

Anchovies are high in protein, healthy omega 3 fats, calcium, iron, and zinc.

We Have Brands

Not all fishery handled anchovies the same way we did

Fresh Products

We ship directly from our own vessels & factory.

Modern And Clean Process

Interior oven heating, Stainless steel racks, Table top classification, Machinery ash filtering