Our anchovies are directly from our own vessels in Pulau Langkawi

We currently deliver to whole Malaysia including East Malaysia, West Malaysia & Labuan.

We are currently only doing online store.

Wer accept E-banking, Paypal, Credit cards.

Once we have received your order, we will inform our anchovy processing factory to pack your orders accordingly with our dried anchovies that probably just freshly caught last night and finish processed today.

Kindly be noted that you are not able to modify your order or cancel the order once our anchovies has been packed, and prepared to be shipped. All confirmation is non-refundable or transferable. 

No, our products are completely without preservatives. Why? because we enjoy eating our own dried anchovies too.

You can directly put it in to fridge to keep the freshness and prolong the shelf life of dried anchovies.

Just put it in fridge. Due to our products nature, freshness, and processing handling, even if our dried anchovies are without any preservatives, it can be stored upto 2 years . The salt within dried anchovies can be served as natural preservatives. 

please contact us with the number provider on website, or send us an email, no later than 24 hours after you received the product. 

Yes, our are directly from our own vessels in Pulau Langkawi, its local fisherman product without any preservatives.

Yes our anchovies cost higher, you can find many cheaper anchovies from other sources, we focus only on good anchovies processing, we never uses preservatives, so we need to make sure dried anchovies are low moisture enough to be preserved longer.

A simple calculation can tell the answer.
Try to imagine the same 1 kg raw anchovies, one process with preservatives and 80% dried. Another 1 kg raw anchovies uses salt and processed to 90-95% dried. In the end, the first 1 kg anchovies that processed to 80% dried weight heavier than the later

All our dried anchovies are freshest from our own vessels. Our ship set sail in 4am-5am, reached our docking bay 8pm-10pm at the same day. We unload our freshly caught anchovies and send them directly to in-house heating oven to dry it for 6-8 hours. The next morning, our factory workers prepare to process and pack the anchovies into boxes ready to send out to your kitchen.

Unlike other dried anchovies you get that probably spend its life waiting on the shelf to be purchased, we ship it directly to you just within 1 week from sea.

We love anchovies, and we want to share its best flavor to you.